Certification Needed
Certification Needed | Questions and Answers

Food Safety Certification Exam:  



Florida Statutes requires:


·        Section 500.12 (6) of the Florida Statutes requires the department to adopt rules for the certification of food protection managers.  The rule is chapter 5k-4.021 of the Florida Administrative Code.  ALL food establishments including mobile vendors permitted by the department must have a certified food manager.


·        Food Manager means a person responsible for all aspects of a food establishment operation at a food establishment regulated by the department under Chapter 500, Florida Statutes.  However, the food establishment may designate someone who is responsible for the safety of the food supply, to be certified other than the person in charge.


When Does A Food Manager Need to Be on the Premises:


·        At least one certified food manager must be present when there are four or more employees engaged in food establishment operations on the premises at all times.


If Certified Manager Quits:


·        In the event the certified food manager leaves the employment of the food establishment or is relieved of food management responsibilities, the food establishment has 90 days from the date of the employment change to have a certified manager.


Food Handler Certification:  


Section 509.049, FS, clarifying food service employee food safety training requirements.  This affects employees of every public food service establishment/operator licensed by the DBPR.


Any establishment/operator which does not have a training program that was approved by the division, must use a program approved by the division.


Some Specifics:


·        All public food service employees must receive training on professional hygiene and foodborne disease prevention


·        Food service employees required to complete this training include all food service employees who are responsible for storage, preparation, display, or servicing of foods in public food service establishments regulated by the DBPR.


·        All food service employees must complete training within 60 days of employment.


·         All establishment/operator must maintain written documentation of food service employees they have trained.  Records will be reviewed periodically by the Division.


·        All employees must be provided proof that they have been certified.


·        Training certification is valid for three years, at which time training must be repeated.

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